Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Twas 81ºF...

... with the high, high chance of thunderstorms; except that instead of any sort of rain or booms, the sun shined like crazy and it just turned out to be humid. 
So, Humid.

It's only another kick in the-- reminder that summer is jusssst around the corner! It'd be nice if summer could just wait a bit longer though; I'm not quite ready to sweat to death yet.

Just a quick note, sunshine makes me really happy but also very lazy, which is why I'm so doubly happy that here's an outfit I can easily sport all the time, incorporate the pieces into other outfits, and accessorize like crazy >> holla`.

Self-professed simplicity obsessor.

By the way, that purple thing on my hand? Yeah, it's just some paint from my art class... No worries!

T-Shirt: Hanes Supersoft V-neck//Jeans: Gap//Belt: Calvin Klein//Shoes: Old Navy//Neon Watch: Target (similar one here)//Silver Bracelet: gifted//Silver Moon necklace: JCP

Nothing too expensive on, but cheap can be extremely comfortable too; and boy, was I comfy. These capris are supremely stretchy and soft and the v-neck is CALLED supersoft. Uhm, definitely tees up to its name (if you caught that pun attempt, I'm so proud of you!).


Yoshi x Out

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