Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Facial Cleanser

To help you, I'm gonna sacrifice my T-zone oily skin for experimentation!

This morning I used the following face wash:

  • Smells great
  • Gave me a wake-up jolt
  • Relatively inexpensive (Online @ Wal-Mart= $9.94 for a 2 pack )
  • When I use it in the spring, my skin feels nice.
  • When I used it in the winter, my skin felt tight and dry. Which can be because of the dry winter air. I fixed this w/ facial lotion.
  • Since it's a morning cleanser, it's not suppose to be used for night, which means I have to buy another facial cleanser to use for night (However I don't! I have a conspiracy theory that Clean & Clear is trying to increase profits by creating separate cleansers, when it's unnecessary.)
In conclusion, I would not purchase this item again. Thankfully I didn't have to! 'Cause a roommate of mine gave it to me, since her sensitive skin didn't like it either!
However, if you're skeptical about the opinion of a blogger you've never met, I understand. 
So purchase at your skin's peril!

<3,      Gizmo

P.S. If you've had a different experience w/ this cleanser, I encourage you to leave a comment!

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