Saturday, August 27, 2016

Serum Battle!

e.l.f. versus Beauty Dreams Paris

Both serums were bought at a discount.   

My sister** didn't like either serums, so I'm giving them a try since I finished up The Biossance Revitalizer. 

I like the Vitamin C serum over the Soothing serum because it smells better, absorbs faster, and felt more refreshing, which is perfect for the summer heat.

**(Yoshi): e.l.f. is my go-to when trying new products for make-up, so I figured their praised skincare products would be a dream! Unfortunately this serum made my skin bumpy and slightly inflamed... Ceased use after two morning applications :(

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Birthday G-Dragon!!!

Wishing the leader of BigBang (Kwon Ji-Yong) a fantastic day where he can get his cray-on!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Big Bang English-Speaking-Fan Start-Up Kit

So you wanna be a Big Bang fan!? Well, if you're an English speaking, non-Korean understanding individual, here's the basic info to start loving Bigbang!
YG Entertainment created Bigbang in 2006 (#10years) through a survival program. BigBang fans are officially called V.I.P.'s (named after their single with the same name). 

There are 5 permanent members of BigBang: 
  • G-Dragon
    • Birth name= Kwon Jiyong
    • Nicknames= GD 
    • Roles= Leader, Rapper, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Fashionista 
    • Solo Albums= Heartbreaker (2009), One of a Kind (2012), and Coup d'Etat (2013)
  • T.O.P.
    • Birth name= Choi Seunghyun
    • Nicknames= Bingu, Tabi
    • Roles= Oldest, Rapper, Songwriter, Tallest, Actor
    • Solo Releases= Doom Dada (2014)
  • Taeyang
    • Birth name= Dong Youngbae
    • Nicknames= YB, Sol
    • Roles= Vocalist, Shortest, Most Soulful, Shirtlessness
    • Solo Albums= Solar (2010) and Rise (2014)
  • Daesung
    • Birth name= Kang Daesung
    • Other names= D-Lite, DS
    • Roles= Vocalist, Funniest
    • Solo Albums (all in Japanese)= D'scover (2013), D'slove (2014), and Delight (2014)
  • Seungri
    • Birth name= Lee Seunghyun
    • Other names= V.I., SR
    • Roles= Youngest/Maknae, Vocalist
    • Solo Mini-Albums= V.V.I.P. (2011) and Let's Talk About Love (2013)
Break-out song: Lies (2007)

Most viewed music video: Fantastic Baby (2012)

Instagram Accounts:
  1. G-Dragon
  2. TOP
  3. Taeyang
  4. Seungri
  5. Daesung- no official Insta
  6. Can't read Korean? Then check aboutbigbang for a possible translation
  7. Want more? Then check-out bigbang hkvip for the best fan cams
My favorite VIP tumblrs:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lancome Facial Cleanser Review

Inherited another skincare product from Yoshi (her skin is sensitive skin prone to acne, so it's picky).  I have combination skin!

Pros:  Adequately removes non-waterproof make-up, dirt, and oil/sebum

Cons:  Doesn't foam like a foaming cleanser.  Strong rose scent.

Verdict:  Will not purchase again, but may give to my mother (mature skin).

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May Empties

What I used up in May:

After giving the Etude House Wonder Pore to my sister. I inherited and finished her Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Alcohol-Free Toner

 I also finished the sample of Biossance Revitalizer.  I'll post an updated on my current skincare later, since I'm using a new toner and serum.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Etude House Wonder Pore Refreshner Review

Korean Skincare is trending!  After watching countless Youtube videos, Korean music videos, and Korean dramas, I set out to determine if it's just hype. 

I needed a new toner since finishing The Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2.  After some research, I bought Etude House's Wonder Pore Refreshner online through Amazon.

The packaging is simple. The bottle and box both came unsealed.

I appreciate the English on the box and bottle because it makes the product friendly to international users.

I have combination skin with oily t-zones. I've never had acne (haterz to the left) and found this toner too weak for my liking.

When I swiped it on, it was difficult to tell if it was working.  I recommend this toner for sensitive skin, so after a week of use I gave it to my sister (Yoshi).