Saturday, April 30, 2016

If I had $$$

If I had an extra $15K I would buy the following dresses from D&G's 2015 Portofino line for spring and summer! 

Portofino Printed Silk-Chiffon Gown

These dresses are all from 2015, so the links go to the current 2016 Portofino line with new prints in similar styles.  

*le sigh, so unaffordable....Will there ever be a Dolce&Gabbana collab with H&M or Target??  Probs not, but a girl can dream!

Thursday, April 28, 2016



I know, I know, this blog focused on fashion, BUT it was  created with the purpose to share inspiration and detail the lives of 2 sisters. Thus, I will start posting WHATEVER I WANT 'cause it's MY BLOG  :)

My favorite boy group is BIGBANG. My favorite girl group was 2NE1, but Minzy left/got-kicked-out (@YG, I'm supes salty)... so I currently don't have a fave girl group :(

I first encountered K-Pop back in 2008. My first K-Pop boy group was Super Junior (SUJU for ELFs). My first girl group was Girls' Generation (SNSD).  

My K-Pop craze started back up summer of 2015 because of Bigbang's comeback! M.A.D.E. was awesome and revived my inner VIP.

Chat with me in the comments if you wanna discuss Korean pop culture, especially Bigbang!