Saturday, March 31, 2012

Picture This

Just figured it'd be nice to share some photos from my personal collection on a bloody hot day. As a self-proclaimed photographer (really though, who with a camera isn't?), there's never a moment that I'm not tempted to snap up! Snap up, snap? 
Yes, I just threw another pun your way.

I could never thank my lovely father enough for my Nikon D300s! Though I'm only an amateur, it's such an easy camera to use and very light for being a DSLR. I plan on utilizing more of the accessories it came with, but what I really need... 

... is a fish-eye lens.

We all agree, yes?
(btdubs since this post is so long, please do me the honor of clicking "Read More >>" to see some of my favorite photos!)

Just a quick pic of the sash I wore as a hairband today; the print&colours are just toooooo gooooooddd~


*safely = legally

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