Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY Hunger Games T-Shirt

If you read my last post (in which at this point you should quickly scroll down and then continue reading this so you have, indeed, read my last post), you'd know of my Hunger Games obsession. Which I now officially deem an obsession. Never one to buy generic, mass-produced shirts, I chose to make my siblings and I shirts.
Oh yes, also because it's much, MUCH cheaper and customizable; hooray for DIY!

**This sort of method can be used to make practically ANY sort of shirt. I have amazing Harry Potter ones too!**

Materials Needed:

T-Shirt (I used Hanes T-shirts from here)
Spray Paint
Scissors/Quick Cutting Blade
Masking Tape

(Go on, "

1. Create a stencil using the cardboard and scissors. Be sure to cut out the shape in order to spray that onto the shirt. 


2. Place cardboard underneath the stencil in the shirt to prevent staining the other side.

3. Place the stencil on the shirt where you want it, covering the space outside of the stencil, and apply an even coat of spray paint from above. 

 4. Remove the cardboard and newspaper/ads carefully,and allow it to dry.
**It's important to spray from above otherwise gold will seep to outside the stencil**

please note that I first sprayed the mockingjay on and AFTER added the circle by creating another stencil. This can be done much simpler by just having the circle stencil WITH the mockingjay. I was being silly.


AND for those fans who really want to be supportive of certain characters such as, oh, the supremely attractive Finnick Odair...

(On the back)

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