Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Garage Sales We Will Go!

I LOVE TO THRIFT! It's way fun, like a huge treasure hunt! 

My sis and I biked to a nearby neighborhood garage sale this morning. We had to be back before 10 AM to watch Michael Phelps swim his first race, so we left at 7:45 AM!

My outfit for the excursion:

 I don't like wearing too much jewelry when exercising 'cause the sweat makes the jewelry stick to the skin in an unflattering and uncomfortable way.

Don't worry, the creepy shadow belongs to my sis!

 Close-up of my shorts. I love the texture!

Outfit Breakdown:
Sports-bra- Target
Tank top- Old Navy
Shorts- T.J. Maxx
Havaianas- gifted from a Brazilian exchange student 

Read More for what we thrifted at the garage sales!

 I bought the Wet Ones, Forrest Gump and the over-the-door hanger.

The green t-shirt and purple sweater are my sis's.

The foot petals come with 3 sets in a package, so my sis, mom and I will all get a set.

The total cost? $6!!!
I believe it was a very successful outing!

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