Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Twas 86°...

... and this is some SORT of miracle, because the weather has dropped away from 100! OHHH REJOICE!

Recently I've been able to take time out almost every week to go around huntin'. I cannot wait to show everyone what I have picked up within the last few weeks!

Actually, what I'm sharing now incorporates two articles of recently thrifted clothing (needless to say, I love the hunt). The Darth Maul shirt is one of my absolute new favorite shirts and a definite >geeky< conversation starter.

And the jean jacket... I had to! It practically begged me to get it, even though it's slightly big. However, I love jean jackets and white is such a fresh color; the 2% spandex makes sure the fit's good and the sleeves roll up with ease.

Jean Jacket: Levi's//T-Shirt: Star Wars Official Merchandise//Shorts: A&F//Necklace: (from Paris)//Shoes*: Antonio Melani Flip-flops

*I've been very lazy on the shoe photography--sorry!--because my heels have had the skin torn off.. long story with leather oxfords... So I can only wear sandals/flip-flops for the next few weeks! I'm bearing.

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