Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where I left off...

Can you believe how time has flown... 

it's already been a year since I last posted! 
A lot has changed, including my skin regime (thanks to my sister!), and time at university. 
I'm already a third year, embarking on a Dallas, TX internship this summer, but I want to share all our adventures before the next one!

After Hawaii, we wanted to continue the warm weather & beach trend, so we took a cruise down to Mexico.

We went with Carnival© Cruises for our first cruise ever! The ship's name is "Triumph".
Here's a shot of the bathroom:

Better than I expected, plenty of room and caught water (and any sand) well! Our sleeping arrangements were close and cozy, pretty fun bunk bed style that both siblings and I were used to.

I've heard a lot of things about cruise food, and though I would agree it's not the freshest or best spiced, it's also not disgusting. I enjoyed having salmon as a dinner option every night as opposed to eating bread and whatever sandwich meat I have in my fridge!

We spent the first day at sea, and the next on land!

All photos my own.

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