Saturday, October 6, 2012


I cannot remember, for the life of me, the last time I was severely forced by the weather straight into winter gear.

I wish I was kitten.

There was no chance for me to even think about one long+one short piece outfits; heck no, the temperature literally dropped from 'fine' to 'FREEZE YOUR FINGERS OFF'.

All I can do now is dream of cuddles with thick blankets and an endless supply of Romance movies... and clothes. Duh.

From the top:

D&G Fall '08
Hermès Fall '08
Gucci Fall '08
Gucci Fall '08
Leon Max Fall '08
Chunky Knit Scarf
Best Sweater Advice Ever from here


  1. oh man LOVE this!!! it just got FREEZING in germany.. and i'm dreaming about sassy fur coats.. that gucci editorial is amaze.. i love the fur coat in that pic!!!

    1. DAANG! I can't even imagine Germany's weather if it's cold here.. I can't wait to see your winter outfits, I know they're going to be so lust-worthy! The Gucci editorial really epitomizes what I want be like this season ;) Haha~