Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Forgive That...

... I'm a party hardy animal!

Never have I ever meant to neglect this dear blog of mine, but I'm afraid until this month's over I'll be a living zombie.
Wait... is that an oxymoron? Bah.

BUT, I've been out since this past weekend was PROM!


It was also my very first time getting my hair professionally done! My hair's very thick and doesn't hold curls, but with massive hair-spraying and heat-curlers it stayed the whole night!

No excuses, I'm motivating us all next Monday whether I fail school or not! Hopefully the latter.

Dress: Chelsea&Violet//Heels: Nina//Necklace: gifted//Silver Bracelet: gifted//Watch: Seiko

BONUS; my date was
the purrrrrfect gentleman; honestly, I've been missing one of those!

Blurry pictures courtesy of my sister... 
I forgive her, but I honestly have no idea how she's so skillful at blurring.

Turned out that the OPI Shatter was just a metallic coat! I was quite disappointed, but this time Hot Topic's War Paint stayed triumphant!

Also, I'll try toning down my "ur" usage, I realize it got out of hand in this post. No more no more, I promise!

Much Love~

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