Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sweatin' It.

I've always been trying to get more into shape; 
it started with track where I felt in the best shape of my life, to becoming consumed with studies to exercising back into shape, then falling out during the holidays,
to a year of more exercise,
to my current bit pudgy self.

All of that with my constant craving for good food.

It's been tough, but I'm more motivated than ever to work harder (I really miss the feeling of flexibility, muscle, and ABS). If anything, seeing really fit, toned, strong women inspire me in the most non-creepy way.

So here I go, on my continued quest for the best shape I can ever be in, all done healthy and through 100% sweat.


I run a couple miles every two days, alternating between great exercise DVDs and just pure sprinting. Currently, I'm very much smitten with Kathy Smith's exercise DVDs and this fantastic, free site called Fitbie.

If anyone is sweet --or sweat-- enough to share tips, I'm more than open to painful, gut-shapin' moves.


More to come later; let's all beat the >bleep< out of unhealthy.

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