Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mad for Plaid

I cannot recall the last time I was alone and allowed to do anything I wanted. And I mean absolutely anything! This weekend is just that and should be prescribed to all at least once a week.

Thanksgiving is upon us and the cold weather has hit. I'm compiling a few of my favorite winter coats (needing a solid one for the next years), and still searching for the perfect leather boot.

What's strange to me about the fashion industry is the amount of available items, but not the single one I want. Am I making any sense? Perhaps this is what pushes young designers, to create what the industry is missing. For me, the perfect dark brown, chocolate flat-heel riding boot is very much missing...

Either way, at least I found my plaid for autumn! Diggin' the lower hem for skirts this season.

 Skirt: Wildman Vintage//T-Shirt: Gap//Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

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