Monday, September 16, 2013

Week in Review

As a college frosh I didn't really know whether or not I would have the free-time everyone seems to have...

Luckily for me I've yet to fall impossibly behind
-knock on wood!-

Somewhere somehow I found time to shop at Gap (yea I know I know what am I doing shopping when I could be studying!) but that's for later.

On your left is one fold, which I ended up not really liking since it had the seam and it got HOT. Stayed with the double fold seen on your right!


 These paanttsss are sooooo coommfffyy! They're very red-orange and so much fun for autumn. I'm stoked at their length; perfect full, ankle, anything

And finally a 'business casual' interview. Yes, I've resorted to bathroom shots... let's lament together after I resolve this issue!

1. Top: Cynthia Rowley (from here)//Shorts: Gap
2. T-Shirt: Gap//Pants: Gap//Shoes: Target
3. Shirt: Ralph Lauren//Skirt: Gap//Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

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