Tuesday, August 13, 2013

'Twas 91º...

and it was so freaking hot why in the world did I even bother putting on clothes?!

Ahh right, because this skirt was too dang cute. I HAD to wear it! Went out with my galpals for a Sunday lunch and ran a few errands before the heat beat us home. Beat as in I felt physically defeated... but thank goodness for the revival from frozen yogurt & ice-cream!

Again with the Ralph Lauren shirt, when will I stop you ask? NEVER.

(Just kitten of course! Hahaha... ha..)

 Shirt: Polo by Ralph Lauren//Skirt: Gap//Shoes: Candie's//Watch: Seiko//Cuff: gifted//Bangle: AE//Flower Ring: Chanel

Spotted this tropical maxi outside of church; it's so on trend & perfect for sunny days! I want to take it to Hawaii asap

Also, met a wonderful Nigerian woman. Traditional tribal clothing is immensely fascinating. I love how fashionable it is while practical; breathable dress with matching head scarf keeps the heat away. She's also just so darling!


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