Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Direction

I didn't choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose me.

And woe, the heart-wrenching, money-snatching life it is! I'd much rather have a shoe fetish, instead... okay, so I have both. Tough.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of attending a One Direction concert, AND I'M PRETTY MUCH THE MOST EXCITED LADY AROUND I MEAN LOOK AT THEM I KNOW THEY'RE SO CHARMING (and they're actually around my age, so let me have this)!

Along with their good looks and talent, their styles created a massive craze among us fangirls. While it's not all too original, each boy has his own signature style.

Harry Styles
loves the preppy look. Think Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry. His use of blazers and well tailored clothing is a style I absolutely love.

Signature Piece: Blazer

Louis Tomlinson
is much more playful with his style. His signature outfit is composed of the nautical striped shirt and red pants. Not going to lie, I might have jumped on the bandwagon... It's just so cute.

Signature Piece: Horizontal Stripes

Niall Horan
is the most laid-back boy of the bunch. He loves to sleep and eat, so he's on the right track. Comfort is his number one priority! He loves Supras and high-tops, what a boy.

Signature Piece:
High-top Sneakers

Liam Payne
is >ironically< the most 'All-American' styled Brit. He loves a good plaid, monochrome outfit, and laid-back sneaks. He's able to look put together yet I-just-threw-on-clothes at the same time. Give me that skill.

Signature Piece:
Baseball Tee

Zayn Malik
is the perfect love child of Rock and Skater. Not only because, in this picture, he skateboards but his overall style is so nonchalant cool. He loves OBEY, a snapback, and attitude.

Signature Piece:
Varsity Jacket

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