Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KC Haul

Ohh boy, this is long overdue, but I finally have everything sorted. Including the receipts (which I conveniently threw into one bag and plan to tackle in a few with some tissues and ice-cream).

As most pictures end up, the colors on some items are off. However do take my word on them!

Top Row (left to right): Victoria's Secret PJs, Gap Jeans, American Eagle Midi shorts, Abercrombie&Fitch Navy shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, Gap shorts

Bottom Row: Abercrombie&Fitch plaid sleeping shorts, Victoria's Secret Lace underwear, Old Navy Gingham sleeping shorts, 'Live While We're Young' ONE DIRECTION CONCERT tank, Forever21 dress

The water bottle, dog, and bag came with my Victoria's Secret purchase. The dog's not as useful as the bottle though, haha! I had to get cute pajama stuff though, I'm not comfortable enough to wear holes around the dorm..

The anchor belt is Gap and the black, buttery, 'Made in Italy' belt is thrifted.

Gold Circle Ring (thrifted), American Eagle heart bangle, Sterling Silver cuff (thrifted), Gap Neon Crystal Bracelet

I am completely aware that the size on the shorts is for the world to see, is it so wrong of me? I figured it's no big deal, it's clear I'm no model and I admit, I love food. 

This dress is too cute. I had to show the deep V back! Currently my horizontal stripes collection is growing exponentially. I understand I must stop. I cannot. Man, I need to stop.

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