Sunday, June 9, 2013

'Twas 84º...

and summer has hit full force! Ah, the rays of sunshine delivering Vitamin D and possible health problems. Slab on some moisturizer with SPF and I'm all for being outdoors!

With a fan. And AC. And a cold drink.

But outdoors yea whoohoo!

A flouncy skirt, complete with bright orange&pink polka-dots is perfect for a girly skip - and spin - around town.

Ice-cream floats are always a great way to end the day! Though my ice-cream to soda ratio tends to be a bit skewed.. (it's summertime, I need my ice-cream!)

Skirt: Target//Wedges: Chinese Laundry//Top: vintage//Star necklace: Fossil//S-necklace: Charlotte Russe//Bracelet: gifted

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