Sunday, June 30, 2013

Love Pink

When my sister and I went to Victoria's Secret's Semi-Annual Sale, it was madness.

Madness as in I grabbed way too many things and very nearly bought all of them. As my wallet thanked me for not doing so, I delight to share with you my haul 

Halter Mesh Bra, 'Flirt' Nail-polish, Navy lace bandeau, Summer Daze Spray (WHY DOES THIS SMELL SO GOOD?!), PINK Spring Break: Jasmine Lime Self-Tan Body Mist

The bandeau, surprisingly, is super versatile! I've been wearing it every weekend with my low-cut, sheer tops. Really helps me keep cool and the lace is too cute.

However, I had a problem with the nail-polish..

It was flaky, too liquid-y, and overall a poor polish. I reckon it might have been the base coat that ruined it, however the polish itself still wasn't all that great.

Sore and sad, I went to exchange it for a 2-in-1 Base Top Coat. Course it does not end there, and I ended up being sucked into an even greater sale (after several days Beauty Products are 75% off and All Bras have an extra 20% off!).

Frozen apple & sparkling cassis smells divine and the left container is a mousse. It looks so good, I would eat it >if it did not caution against it<. The new polish isn't quite oxblood colored, but it sure lives up to its name, 'Do Not Disturb' (and let us not ponder on its name, please).

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