Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thrifty Nifty

Alright, now I have said before that I'm currently quite addicted to thrifting...

and I was not kitten.

Introducing the Windbreaker & Leather Belt

Windbreaker: Gap
It has so many fun pockets with clips and rings for attaching life-saving items (or just whatever) adding to its utility look. I love that the color is so versatile for many outfits, and the zipped in hood is WAY cool. 
The pictures do not do the olive justice.

Leather Belt: Kenneth Cole
The color is what grabbed me initially. The silver buckle was so cute. The quality leather sold me. What more can I say, this belt is so classic!

I've already worn the jacket on several occasions, mostly to test it out. Who knew, windbreakers really live up to their name!

*I apologize beforehand for the poor picture quality*

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