Friday, January 11, 2013


You've already seen the Harry Potter inspired scarf that I thrifted, but did you know I also carried a load of other goodies home?

Well, now you do!

I'm beyond excited to start off the new year with these staples. I still have a wishlist of necessary clothes, however I'm more than satisfied with these. Be ready for many outfits including one (if not as many as I can layer) of these!
Bear with me, the photos don't always do these pieces justice!

All were found at Goodwill, my new thrift go-to. Prices are amazingly low, and the quality is impressively high (if you pay close attention to brand, fabric, and inspection!).

*descriptions of each item and its price are found underneath each group of pictures*

Denim Gap Shorts (less than $3)

Banana Republic Denim Shirt (less than $5)

Banana Republic 100% Silk Victorian-esque Blouse (less than $5)

Polo Jeans Co. [Ralph Lauren] Army Green Shirt (less than $4)

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