Monday, December 17, 2012


I gave myself a much needed shopping break to a local thrift store, and LO' BEHOLD.

Hidden between a large shoe shelf and puffy jacket sleeve, was an evergreen, tan trimmed 'Guess' cross-body.

I immediately checked all the seams and tags to make sure it was authentic. But I still questioned it, since it's missing a 'Genuine Leather' tag.

So I went to the Internet, of course.

At first, nada. But as I continued scrolling images, I found one with a similar style tagged as a 1990s Guess bag.

I Google that, and I find a near perfect match! After intense research, observation, and questioning, I can safely say that this bag is:

• 1980s [vintage]
• Pebbled Leather
• Original Hardware
• Original, Classic 1980-90s Guess Plaid Lining
• Authentic Guess Logo(s)
• Made in China*

a.k.a. 100% REAL

Pretty cray. But get this, I'm chatting up the owner about the legitimacy of the bag, and out of nowhere, she cuts down the price.


As I polish my newfound goody, I still cannot believe jusssst how real it is. If you have any reason that I should believe otherwise, let me know (or not)!

*some>most Guess bags are actually made in China, including the older ones

p.s. Thank you all so much for putting up with our lack of blogging, everyone has finals and a busy holiday schedule; us included! xx

Sweater: Gap//Jeans: Uniqlo

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