Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY Inspiration

With Thanksgiving coming up, I am busy helping prepare large portions of food, making my Black Friday plans (HOLY ALL THINGS YESYESYES), and making up loads upon loads of homework.

If I thought I was bogged down before.. well... it has gotten worse. I need a machine that either does all my work for me, or slaps me when I procrastinate.

However, amidst all the crazy events and friends, I am determined to make this Galaxy Top. I have been lussssting after galaxy print EVERYTHING this whole year.

Same note:

I am loving the bleach-painting technique! It seems simple >enough< and is a fresh way to create a permanent design.

Sometimes, Sharpie just is not enough.

1. Christopher Kane Resort Collection 2011
2. Christopher Kane Resort Collection 2011
3. Ashley Gail Dean from wise rabbit says
4. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess

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